12 Aug 2011

If you're a beginner and want to learn what bonsai is and how to do bonsai, you've come to the right place.

This website is dedicated to providing practical advice for the beginner bonsai enthusiast to help them learn all about the ancient art of bonsai.

And (if you didn't know already) bonsai is indeed an art form - an art that allows you to be creative, let your imagination run wild and touch you on a deep spiritual level.

Partaking in bonsai can help you achieve a deep meditative state, allowing your mind and body to relax and release all the stressesof day-to-day life.

As well as being good for the spirit, bonsai is also good for both your physical and mental faculties.

Pruning and wiring your bonsai are skillful techniques that develop dexterity and hand-to-eye co-ordination.

You will also develop your artistic talents as you work on your bonsai learning about shape and form amongst other things.

In addition, you will learn a great deal about horticultural practices and how to care for and nurture plant life as you manipulate your bonsai to bring to life your own ideas.


You can find our introduction to bonsai for beginners here.

After reading this, we suggest you learn about the different established bonsai styles, however be aware that these styles are merely guidelines and the only limits to what your finished bonsai will look like are the boundaries of your own imgination - there are no hard rules and the person you need to please with your creation is yourself.

You can then get an overview of the different techniques involved in creating bonsai here before learning some of the techniques in more detail, such as watering your bonsai and wiring your bonsai.

At some point, you will be interested in learning the history of bonsai and when this time comes we recommend you watch this video.


We have provided a bonsai dictionary to help you understand the unique language that is associated with our art.

We also maintain a list of recommend bonsai books, which will enhance your bonsai knowledge, including the great (and rare) Bonsai Techniques by John Yoshio Naka - if you can get a copy of this you will continue to learn more about bonsai every time you read italthough it is quite rare and expensive.

Finally, we have a list of links to other good bonsai websites that we hope you will find useful in your pursuit of knowledge.