Every so often an amateur bonsai enthusiast will ask me to recommend a bonsai book that they can read to learn more about their relaxing hobby.

Of course, I don't profess to have read every single bonsai book out there on the market and I'm sure I've only read a small fraction of those available. However, based on my own reading experience, there are quite a few books about bonsai that I would highly recommend beginners consider taking a look at.

I've whittled them down to my top 3 bonsai books, which I've listed below:

The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry TomlinsonMy top choice is The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson.

At first glance, it seems as though it may be a book that is adorned with fancy pictures and little information, however I can assure you that the knowledge and wisdom Harry imparts in this tome are second-to-none.

It is comprehensive and covers just about every aspect on bonsai creation imaginable.



Bonsai Techniques by John Yoshio NakaMy second recommendation is actually two bonsai books - or rather the two volumes of a single book.

Bonsai Techniques Volume 1 and Bonsai Techniques Volume 2 by John Yoshio Naka is the creme-de-la-creme of bonsai books. The only reason I haven't chosen them as my number 1 choice is because they are quite expensive and perhaps out of the price range of the majority of people (used copies can command prices of $60).

This is due to their rarity, however these books present a masterclass in bonsai creation that no serious bonsai enthusiast can be without.


My final choice is Bonsai Gardening Secrets by Erik A. Olsen.

This is packed with info about creating beautiful bonsai and has the added advantage of being in ebook format, which means you can download and start reading it right away (no waiting for delivery).

Upon purchase, you also get two additional books absolutely free and it comes with a full money-back guarantee if your not completely satisfied.


So, there's my choices for beginner bonsai books. If you buy just one bonsai book in your lifetime, John Yoshio Naka's Bonsai Techiques is the one to get - it is expensive but worth every single penny. If you're looking for something that's a little less expensive, The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson is the ideal choice. Finally, if you want can't wait and want to start reading right away, download Erik A.Olsen's Bonsai Gardening Secrets.